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inspired designer bag louisvuitton M45813 FAVORITE leather bag


9.4 x 5.5 x 3.5 inches
(length x Height x Width)

  • Black
  • Monogram Empreinte embossed supple grained cowhide leather and supple grained cowhide leather
  • Supple grained cowhide-leather trim
  • Microfiber lining
  • Gold-color hardware
  • Magnetic closure
  • Inside flat pocket
  • Strap:Removable, adjustable
  • Strap drop: 10.6 inches
  • Strap drop max: 18.5 inches
  • Chain:Removable
  • Chain drop: 8.7 inches
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LV Favorite

LV favorite bag is very popular with most sisters. For beautiful sisters, exquisite bags are just like clothes. They can’t be bought too much. In summer, there are few clothes to wear. Many sisters want to have a good-looking shape. Exquisite bags are inevitable.


First of all, LV favorite bags are inexpensive, fashionable, lightweight and versatile. The small size of domestic counters is generally more than 6K, and the price in Europe is more affordable, 🤩 Secondly, it belongs to the classic style, and it is very light and durable on the back. In addition, there are two belts (the long belt can be completely disassembled, and the short chain can be removed from one side and put into the bag), the long shoulder belt can be carried on one shoulder, and the short metal chain can be carried by hand or hand. After both belts are removed, it can be used as a hand bag. It can really be said to be universal and practical!


No matter what you buy, you will encounter fake goods, let alone luxury bags. Today, I’ll share the identification knowledge of LV favorite for your reference.

1. Texture

Genuine small particles have a high-level sense, and the leather of the bag is shiny and flexible with the naked eye. The imitation small particles exist in a dense state, and the bag cortex is dim and rough.

2. Hardware

Genuine bag hardware is golden yellow with clear and delicate engraving. Fake package hardware is champagne color, with fuzzy and adhesive engraving.

3. Leather lettering

Look at the leather cards first. It’s easy to distinguish the true and false bags from the leather cards. The lettering on the label of the bag is clear and distinctive, the bottom of the U word is round and curved, and the bottom of the V word is sharp. The lettering of the imitation bag label does not have brand characteristics. The bottom of the U word is flat and the bottom of the V word is short.

4. Hot line

Besides, the small craft of making bags is a technical work, which is very difficult. The processing of genuine bags on the hot lines is very detailed, and the lines are consistent with the color of leather. The bags of fake goods are different. The lines are thick, the lines are distorted, and the background color is different from the leather color.

Can the sisters recognize the true and false babies? You can leave a message and discuss it together

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