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designer inspired handbags Gucci Horsebit 1955 mini bag


  • Beige and ebony GG supreme canvas, a material with low environmental impact
  • White leather trim
  • Gold-toned hardware
  • Microfiber lining with a suede-like finish
  • Horsebit detail
  • 1 external pocket and 2 internal flap pocket with button closure
  • This item can fit a cell phone up to 3.1”W x 6.3”H x .3”D
  • Adjustable leather strap with 19.7″ drop
  • Magnetic flap closure
  • 4.5″W x 6.7″H x 1.6″D
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Gucci1955 mobile phone bag comparison and rapid identification!

In this issue, let’s talk about Gucci’s 1955 mobile phone bag. Jimei can study hard and avoid stepping on the pit if necessary!

First, focus on the old flower material. If the real old flower material is enlarged, the internal color of the double G is deeper than the surrounding, and the upper and lower g must not be connected. Pay attention to the little feeling of the old flower in the picture. The fake enlargement is generally pasted together.

Look at the inner origin mark. The steel seal is very clear and all of them are special fonts.

Besides, the real routing is also very careless, so this is not used as an identification point.

The hardware of this 1955 mobile phone bag is not much. Pay attention to it. It is really glossy under the refraction of the sun. It is polished clean without water ripple.

Did you learn how to identify Gucci 1955 mobile phone bag by yourself? I have to say that the current Jia public welfare system is very mature. Jimei people must pay attention not to be cheated when buying this one!

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