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GG Marmont Slim belt black leather offical serial number


●Black leather

●Black resin hardware

●Double G buckle

●Buckle: 3.9 x 3.1 cm high

●Width: 2 cm

● Payment method: Credit Card, Wise, Paysend, Bitcoin, USDT, Bank transfer,Paypal.

● Shipping Cost: Free Shipping via DHL, UPS, EMS.

● Delivery Time: 10-15 working days, Ship out from China.



this belt is new style ,very popular ,quality is great ,all size is available

does the belt have serial number :yes there offical serial number

Shipping Service &, Fee Estimated delivery within9-15 business days.

please contact our email or whats app place order

does it accept return policy:make sure the belt unused before return it and we accept return in 30 days

how to choose the belt size ,please click the chart

The Aria collection features a monochrome style that adds a minimalist feel to classic accessories. This [GG Marmont] belt is made of black leather and has a double G buckle of the same color.

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