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  • How long will be off-white be popular?

    Times takes turns, and the popular spicy chicken in street fashion has changed from Supreme to Off-White. Under the pursuit of consumers, whether it is the brand Off-White or the founder Virgil Abloh, the popularity in the industry has continued to rise in recent years. From launching cooperation series with brands such as Nike and …

  • fendi baguette bag

    Shoulder bag on the left or right?

    1.shoulder bag on the left side or on the right side Many friends don’t know whether it is better to carry the messenger bag on the left or the right when carrying the messenger bag, so which side is more suitable for the messenger bag? In fact, there is no strict emphasis on which side …

  • What are the types of belts? What types of belts are commonly used?

    The types of belts are divided into: automatic buckle belts, pin buckle belts, plate buckle belts according to the buckle head; men’s belts and women’s belts according to gender; according to leather materials: top layer belts, second layer belts, pu belt. The most commonly used classification method is according to the type of belt buckle: …

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    The most worth buying bag in the history of LouisVuitton

    The most worth buying bag in the history of LV ,the king of cost performance neverfullHahaha, I’m here again and I would like to recommend to you the most worthy classic bags from LV’s family neverfull Neverfull lives up to its name—always pretending to be dissatisfied. One of the features: it can be packed very …

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    Top 10 affordable designer luxury brand

    When it comes to world-famous luxury brands, people first think of Hermes and Lv. For most people, they hope to buy luxury products with high cost performance characteristics. What are the affordable luxury brands around the world? This article will take a stock of the top ten famous brands of affordable designer bags and let’s …

  • what’s the most affordable designer brand?

    what’s the most affordable designer brand bag Tory Burch is one of the affordable brands in the United States. It will remind you of Michael Kors, Kate Spade and Coach in terms of design and operation mode. Both belong to affordable luxury brands, and they are both famous for their aggressive store opening speed and …

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    where to buy affordable designer bags,the best five site recommend to you

    1: Some boutique websites, as well as social media, video broadcast counters, second-hand trading counters, and B2C sites such as, made in china, aliexpress, instgram, facebook, tiktok, youtuble the first the secend recommend:instgram the third recommend:made in china,but This site only accepts wholesale orders the Fourth recommended,this site price very cheap ,and …

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    six tips for first designer purchase

    the first time purchase designer bag, consider the budget, bag style, brand, style, capacity, whether to buy a classic or the latest style, first look at other people’s bag buying experience Consider the budget: don’t overspend on impulse, it will put your life and your family at risk, I would recommend you to postpone the …

  • tips for first designer purchase

    tips for first designer purchase

    First designer purchase has made painstaking efforts to give advice to Xiaobai who is just about to enter the ranks of luxury goodsThis is a few bags in this family. There are a lot of light luxury. If you feel itchy, you must buy big brand luxury bags! There is no such thing as buying …